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Full Feature List

If you'd like something implemented, please add it to, or vote for it on, the
  • Service
    • Logs to Windows Event Log
    • Automatically collects every x minutes
  • Config Utility
    • Add\Remove\Duplicate\Edit accounts
    • Control (Start\Restart\Stop) the service
    • Change settings
    • View Event Logs (as a list and individually)
    • Delete\Edit failed emails
  • Pop3
    • Supports UIDL (leaving messages on server after collection)
    • Supports DELE (deleting message on server after collection)
    • Explicit (STLS) and Implicit (Port 995) encryption
    • Multiple auths (APOP and USER\PASS)
    • Saves all password encrypted (using local machine's credentials)
    • Can log server's capabilities (CAPA) as a debug message
  • SMTP
    • SMTP and ESMTP
    • Explicit (STARTTLS) and implicit encryption
    • Stores emails that failed (and retries later)
    • Can log server's capabilities (EHLO response) as a debug message

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