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CSV Import Format

PLEASE NOTE: This is only available in the 'features' branch of the source code from revision 25438 onwards

P3SS uses a standard CSV format, with commas (,) between each 'column' and new lines (either \r, \n or \r\n) between 'row'. Any whitespace between the comma and the data item will be considered as part of the data item. I recommend creating the csv in Excel.
The first row must be the column headers from the list below.

Attached is the basic CSV with all of the headers: csv_import_base.csv

Possible Column Headers

Name Description Notes
pop3username Pop3 username
pop3password Pop3 password This is in plaintext
pop3address The Pop3 server's address
pop3port The port number to the Pop3 server
pop3leavemessages Leave messages on the server? The is a boolean (see below)
pop3apop Use APOP authentication? The is a boolean (see below)
pop3encryption Encryption method to use {none,implicit,explicit} (see below)
smtpaddress The SMTP server's address
smtpport The port number to the SMTP server
smtpforwardto Where to send the emails collected {alltoheaders,specificaddress,filterdomain} (see below)
smtpemailaddress Email address to forward to Only needed if smtpforwardto=specificaddress
smtpdomainfilter Domain to filter 'To' headers by Only needed if smtpforwardto=filterdomain
smtpencryption Encryption method to use {none,implicit,explicit} (see below)

A complete column header would look like:


Notes on Column Values

Booleans (pop3leavemessages, pop3apop)

  • True values
    • 1
    • y
    • true
  • False values
    • 0
    • n
    • false

Encryption Types (pop3encryption, smtpencryption)

Value Meaning
none No encryption
implicit Implicit encryption (SSL, use alternative port)
explicit Explicit encryption (TLS)

Forward To Values (smtpforwardto)

This tells P3SS how to forward emails
Value Meaning Notes
alltoheaders Send to every address in the 'To' headers Neither smtpemailaddress nor smtpdomainfilter should be set
specificaddress Send to a single, specific address smtpemailaddress must be set
filterdomain Send to addresses in the 'To' headers that meet the domain filter smtpdomainfilter should be set

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