Compatability Submission Thread

Jun 14, 2009 at 5:53 AM
Edited Jul 25, 2009 at 4:43 PM

All test will be added to the Compatability List

Please submit your testing report in the following format:

  • Service
    • OS
    • Installed ok?
    • Runs every x minutes?
    • Logs messages to the Windows Event Log?
    • Service stops ok?
    • Collects mail?
    • Submits mail?
  • ConfigUtil
    • OS
    • Can control the service (start, stop)?
    • Events appear in the event viewer?
    • Can Add/Edit/Duplicate/Removed accounts?
    • Saves/Loads settings successfully?
  • SMTP
    • Mail Server Application (incl. version number\service pack)
    • Encryption?
    • Custom port?
    • Works? If not, what errors occur?
  • POP3
    • Mail server application (incl. version number\service pack
      • This can usually be found be connecting to server via TelNet on the POP3 port and sending "CAPA" (ie type CAPA and press <enter>)
    • Encryption?
    • Authentication Method?
    • Left messages on server?
    • Custom port?
    • Works? If not, what errors occur?

Please ensure that you submit a POP3 and SMTP report for each unique server. If there are any other notes\debug messages, please include them.