Getting mail for multiple To: recipients

Apr 21, 2010 at 2:50 PM

Hi there,

Just found your software, I could really use it. I have found one 'gotcha' however: if a mail is adressed to more than 1 recipient (such as To: <person1>; <person2>), the pop3 server will have split that mail in 2 seperate mails, but p3ss does not deduplicate the To: header into 2 seperate RCPT TO: headers to the smtp server. The 2 mails are dropped on the local smtp server but twice with only 1 RCPT TO: (the same for both mails) and thus the second recipient does not get the mail. I have tried this with PULLMAIL command-line, which behaves exactly the same. Could you find time to implement this extra feature? This would make P3SS a really complete solution for my customer's needs.


Bart Ramharter.