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Project Description

A Pop 3 to SMTP connector that supports Encryption (implicit/explicit SSL/TLS), APOP and leaving\deleting messages on the server after collection.
P3SS is built as a windows service that logs errors to the Windows Event Log and is coded in C# 3.5.

Please Note

Due to time constraints, I'm reducing the amount of work that will be done on P3SS - however, I will hopefully have more time later this year to do some major work on the project

I've begun to put a little bit of time back into P3SS, my current priorities are:
  1. Write unit tests for existing code base
  2. Fix high-priority bugs in existing code base (esp. Encoding Problem2), that won't be fixed by the rebuild
  3. Finish and release the service\threading rebuild (this will fix various performance\reliability bugs) (NOTE: This will rely on SQL CE 4 being released, unless I switch failed mail to being stored in a proper SQL database)
  4. Write documentation

What is a Pop3 connector?

A Pop3 connector forwards emails from a Pop3 account to an SMTP account without modifying the headers. The purpose of this is to collate a number of email accounts into a single email account, while not loosing\modifying the original headers (eg which email account the email was actually sent to) or adding a "Forward" prefix to the message.


  • Runs as a service
  • Supports Pop3 with APOP, Explicit encryption, implicit encryption, leaving mail on the server
  • Supports SMTP and ESMTP with explicit and implicit encryption
  • Configuration utility
  • Logs to Windows Event Logs
Full Feature List

Why would I want to use this?

  • Its Free
  • It supports Pop3 SSL\TLS out of the box
  • Can forward to any SMTP server
  • Doesn't need to run on the Pop3 or SMTP server
  • It has all of the features found in most commercial Pop3 connectors

Other info

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